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Camp Afrijan PVC water supply pipeline in Kuwait


Country: Kuwait

Project name: Camp Afrijan PVC water supply pipeline

Products: PVC water supply pipe and fittings


Puhui industry PVC pipe and fittings passed US ARMY technical accreditation, and granted to provide ASTM PVC pipe and fittings to apply in Camp Afrijan water supply project in Kuwait.

About the program: 

The commonly used pipes for water supply projects are HDPE pipes and PVC pipes because of their safety, non-toxicity, easy installation and low cost.
Mohammad Asif Niyaz entered our website xxx through a Google search, and after browsing the website information and products, he sent an inquiry email. After we receive it, we immediately arrange sales support for the customer.
At first, the customers were worried about the quality of the pipes and the failure to meet the standards. Our sales manager patiently communicated with the customers for three months. During this period, we sent the customers certificates, product test results, customer cases of the same type, and free samples. In addition, we initiated video conferences with guests many times, and finally established a good relationship of trust and cooperation and obtained orders.






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