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Tokyo Olympic Games water supply pipeline


Country: Japan

Project name: Tokyo Olympic Games water supply pipeline

Products: HDPE water supply pipe and fittings


Puhui industry work with MTD WATER to supply WRAS APPROVED HDPE fittings to build water supply pipeline in Olympic stadium.

About the program:

The client is an international company specializing in temporary water supply infrastructure and undertook the construction of the “Tokyo Olympic Games Construction Temporary Water Supply Infrastructure” project.

Mr. Mattias found us through the website, and Freddy is his sales support. Because of the urgent time for the project, after several serious communication and verification of Puhui’s product certificates, test reports, and previous water supply project cases, the customer quickly established trust with us, and Mr. Mattias placed an order in a short period of time.

In the end, Puhui helped Mr. Mattias complete the delivery of the order in the fastest time. Product quality, service attitude, professional team, and delivery speed have been praised by Mr. Mattias



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